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Cliiiimb (Sportiiii + Viiiiva)

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Combine a Viiiiva heart rate monitor and Sportiiii heads up display with our Cliiiimb app to level up your performance and catch your friends on Strava leaderboards.

With Viiiiva’s ultra-accurate heart rate data, Sportiiii keeping you in the zone, and Cliiiimb encouraging you to take the lead, you’ll have all the information you need to succeed.

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In Depth

Viiiiva Features

  • Advanced, beat-to-beat measurement makes Viiiiva ten times more sensitive than most heart rate monitors to capture the most sensitive of heart rates, measure heart rate variability, and gauge your level of activity readiness
  • Activity logging means you can not only view your data in real time, but you can also save up to 65 hours of data on Viiiiva and transfer it to another device or application
  • ANT+ sensor bridge lets Viiiiva collect data from other ANT+ sensors, then transfer it via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Tap-to-pair connection lets you simply tap your iOS or Android smartphone to your Viiiiva pod to immediately connect the devices
  • Fitness equipment pairing enables you to pair Viiiiva with cardio equipment in the gym for real-time and logged data
  • Display compatibility gives you the freedom to use your choice of ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible displays with Viiiiva
  • 4iiii product integration means you can use Viiiiva with PRECISION and Sportiiii coaching tools to give you a full range of training data
  • User-friendly app from 4iiii enables you to see your activity in real time, access upgrades through our web store, and transmit your activity data to other training apps or websites
  • Long battery life Viiiiva comes with a replaceable coin cell battery that gives you up to 200 hours of usage

Sportiiii Features

  • Heads up display gives you accurate performance data without needing to take your eyes off the road
  • Multi-coloured LEDs and verbal prompts guide you to target zones
  • Optional setups include individual profiles for running or cycling
  • Compatible with PRECISION, Viiiiva, and other ANT+ devices
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery lasts up to 17 hours between charges
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness
  • Compatible with all types of glasses/sunglasses (glasses/sunglasses not included)
  • Comes with simple Mac/Windows configuration app
  • Lightweight and durable construction

Viiiiva Specifications

    • Weight: 5 g (1.76 oz)
    • Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm (2.55 in. x 1.77 in.)
    • Strap length: 57–132 cm (23–52 in.)
    • Battery type: CR 2032
    • Battery life (hours of use): up to 200 hours
    • Operating temperature: 0–50 C (32–122 F)
    • Waterproof rating: IP 67
    • Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Communications Protocols: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart

      Sportiiii Specifications

      • Weight: 10 g (1/3 oz)
      • Battery type: rechargeable
      • Battery life between charges: Up to 17 hours
      • Communications Protocols: ANT+


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